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Detail Auto Care

Hard Wax (HD)

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  • Great for all types of colored vehicles.
  • Gives a deep shine.
  • Creates a hydrophobic layer for protection.
  • Durability for 2-3 months.


Hard Wax (HD) offers high quality protection and deep mirror shine for varnish paint surfaces for up to 3 months. Works equally great for all types of colored vehicles significantly enhancing the gloss of the paintwork and adding a layer of protection and hydrophobic qualities to make the further maintenance easier.

How To Use

1. Wash and dry the vehicle.
2. Dip the foam applicator in Hard Wax (HD) and turn.
3. Apply to the surface in small and circular motions.
4. Repeat for the whole vehicle creating even coverage.
5. Leave to dry 5-10 minutes.
6. Wipe off residue with clean microfiber towel.