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Detail Auto Care

Clay Bar (CL)

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  • Makes for easy decontamination.
  • Removes organic and inorganic dirt.
  • Large 200g clay bar.


Detail Clay (CL) clay bar is made to decontaminate the vehicles paintwork and to prepare the surface for polishing and applying sealants or coating. It effectively removes organic and inorganic dirt from all hard surfaces – paint, glass and alloy wheels.

How To Use

1. Wash the vehicle then start the decontamination with Bitum (BT) and Iron (IR).
2. Apply Lubricant (LU) to an area of 40 x 40 cm.
3. With light fingertip pressure glide over with the Clay (CL).
4. Once it stops gripping the surface is clean and then repeat the process for the entire car.