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Plastic (PL) Cleaner And Protection

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  • Great for all interior plastic, vinyl and rubbers.
  • UV-protection helps plastics from fading.
  • Anti-static properties.
  • Pineapple fragrance.


Plastic (PL) is designed to lightly clean and protect the interior plastic trims. Providing a matte-look finish Plastic (PL) will help with maintaining the new car look because of its UV protective qualities that will keep the plastic trim from fading. It has a dry finish and the sweet fragrance of pineapple.

How To Use

1. If the interior trim is heavily soiled first clean with Ultra Clean (UC).
2. Spray Plastic (PL) into microfiber towel.
3. Apply evenly on surface.
4. Let it dry naturally and afterwards wipe excess with clean microfiber towel.