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Black Wheel (BW) Glossy Finish Tire Shine

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  • Glossy black finish.
  • Adds protective layer and hydrophobic effect.
  • Prevents tires from fading and cracking.


Black Wheel (BW) is a tire dressing that is made to do more than just restore and add the glossy black look of your tires. It has been designed to add a protective film to the treated surface which creates a dirt and water repelling hydrophobic surface, this will make the rubber to stay fresh and clean for a longer period of time. Due to its UV-resistant qualities, when used regularly Black Wheel (BW) can prevent the browning and cracking of the rubber.

How To Use

1. Clean the rubber from dirt, oils and other particles.
2. Spray Black Wheel (BW) on to an applicator or sponge.
3. Apply to the dry rubber.

Customer Reviews

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Just what I was looking for

Crazy good product! Really took my car from 0 to a 100, lasts longer than me too haha

Delivered fast and great client support! Thumbs up

Great price and quality

My tires have never looked better

Quick and easy to use, makes your car look 5 years younger