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Iron (IR) Wheel And Iron Particle Cleaner

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  • Used regularly prevents paint corrosion
  • pH-neutral formula
  • Safe for all exterior surfaces


Iron (IR) safely and effectively removes iron and fallout contamination on the cars surface. Iron particles become air born and can embed on your paint and oxidize (rust). Because of Irons (IR) Ph-balanced formula it is suitable for use on almost all exterior surfaces – paint, wheels, plastic, rubbers, glass and chrome. It is especially great for cleaning wheels, it is highly effective in removing baked-in brake dust that cannot be completely removed by standard wash shampoo. For easier use it turns crimson red to indicate the iron and fallout contaminated areas.

How To Use

Iron is a versatile product that can be used as a great wheel cleaner and an essential step in your paintwork decontamination, that is why we split the application in two parts:

Wheels – Iron (IR) can be applied to dirty wheels as the first contactless rinse step and the second contact step. We recommend trying to avoid spraying brake pads and discs.

Paintwork - Wash the car thoroughly before starting the iron decontamination process. If you are doing a multi-step decontamination then Iron (IR) should be used between tar/bitum (BT) removal and clay baring (CL). Spray Iron (IR) on the surface and leave it for 2 minutes and wait for the indicator to turn red and rinse thoroughly with water.

Customer Reviews

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Romans Kuklins

The best!!!

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Ashley Gatehouse
Easy cleaning Wheels

Making Wheel cleaning really easy and effectively.
Amazing Product to use.

Recommend for anyone with any wheels or custom wheels.

Works excellently

Best wheel cleaner I have used so far!

Oliver hunter

Great product!My wheels are happy👍🏻

Ēriks Dmitrijevs
Great product

Solid choice for any type of wheel surface, You’ll have no complaints about about this product, easy to use and works quickly and effectively.