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Active Safe (AS) Pre-Wash Shampoo

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  • Effectively loosens all types of dirt.
  • Can be used on body and wheels.
  • Made for regular use.
  • Peppermint fragrance.



Active Safe (AS) Car Shampoo is a highly concentrated and effective alkaline contactless pre-wash that quickly dissolves dirt, insects, bird droppings, road dirt and other aggressive environmental factors from the cars body and wheels and does it all with a fresh fragrance of peppermint. It loosens and removes the dirt before the manual wash stage, therefore making it much safer to start the contact wash.

How To Use

1. Fill a 1 liter foam lance with 100mg of product and the rest with water.
2. Apply from top to bottom.
3. Leave on for 2 minutes. (Don’t let it completely dry up)
4. Rinse off with high pressure going from top to bottom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ruud Sterken
Active Safe (AS)

Shampoo werkt zeer goed, auto snel en gemakkelijk schoon te maken. Het beste resultaat in combinatie met andere producten zoals de HS en de SP.

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Ashley Gatehouse
Just Wow

Amazing product, Making Car cleaning so easy.
using this made my car 80% cleaner then before, Then using the Hydro Shampoo (HS) making even more clean and shiny.
Made cleaning so easy and save time.

Recommend this product, you wouldn't be disappointed.

Car Washer

Good stuff! Makes it easy.


Rinsing has never been easier!